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Tekakwitha was the daughter of a Christian Algonquin mother and a traditional Mohawk Chief.

She was born in 1656 on the south bank of the Mohawk River, in a village called Ossernenon.

When she was four years old, a smallpox epidemic claimed the lives of her parents and baby brother.  Their names are unknown.

Tekakwitha survived the disease, but her right eye was impaired.

Her face was scarred, and the disease left her weak the rest of her life. After about five years of the sickness, the survivors of the village moved to the north bank of the river to begin a new life,  Tekakwitha and her relatives moved into the turtle clan village called Gandauague (Caughnawaga).

The first time she saw a priest was in 1667 when Fathers Fremin,  Bruyas and Pierron visited Caughnawaga (Fonda, NY).  A chapel was built inside one of the longhouses.  In 1674, Fr. James de Lamberville took charge of the St. Peter’s Mission.

Tekekwitha met Fr. De Lamberville a year later.  She told him about her desire to become baptized.  She began to take religious instruction, and in 1676. April 5th, on Easter Sunday, she was baptized and given the Kateri of Katherine.

In August of 1677, Kateri fled her village to go live at Sault St. Louis, St. Francis Xavier Mission near Montreal.

Two months later and about two hundred miles through woods, rivers and swamps, Kateri   arrived at the Sault with the help of friends.  On Christmas Day, 1677, Kateri received her first Holy Communion.  During a winter hunt, was falsely accused of sinful relations  with a hunter.

Mary Teresa (Tegaiaguenta) and Kateri became friends.  Both girls performed extraordinary penances.  Kateri and her friend asked permissions to start a religious community.  Their request was denied.

In 1678, Kateri enrolled in the pious society called The Holy Family because of her extraordinary practice of all virtues.

On March 23, 1679, at the Feast of the Annunciation, a moment after receiving Holy Communion, Kateri pronounced her vow of perpetual virginity.

Her whole life was devoted to teaching prayers to the children and helping the sick and the aged until she was struck with an illness that was to claim her life.

On April 17, 1680 , Wednesday of Holy Week, she died at 3 o’clock in the afternoon at the age of twenty four.  Her last words were: “lesos konoronkwa,” “Jesus I love you”.

Fifteen minutes after her death before the eyes of two Jesuits and all the Indians that could fit into the room, the ugly scars on her face suddenly disappeared.

On January 3, 1943, she was declared Venerable by Pius XII.

She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on June 22, 1980.

Canonization by Pope Benedict XVI was on October 21, 2012.



This year we are setting goals which can only be reached by all of the members doing their best. We must grow our council by twenty new members. In addition, we must establish a gateway for new Knights. This can best be accomplished by starting up a Squires group.

     ****Please, those who have not attended meetings, come and renew old friendships.

     Go to work and bring in those prospective Knights to all council social events.

  Brother Joe Chesla is calling all Knights. Please help him set up our data base; help him bring back members to the meetings. We need volunteers to bring Knights who otherwise can not drive to  meetings.


  We need two officers. We need a Recorder, and we need a Lecturer. Anyone interested in filling those needed offices please let me know.


We have been requested by Supreme to honor Father McGiveney by having a council picnic. I believe this to be a worthy goal and when the weather cools, we will have a great picnic.


The Ladies Auxiliary has several worthy goals which we need to help them achieve.

 The Boy Scouts are really helping our council goals. They will be serving at the Spaghetti Dinners scheduled to start up on the first Friday of October.

Email our Grand Knight Murray Harris at:

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