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(this is not a council #5528 ministry...this is my personal endeavor to serve our Parish)

Hemet, California

Motorcycle Ministry
What is this??

I am a believer that like's to ride his Harley everyday! I am a Catholic layman and Knight. We are called to share the message of salvation and lead folks to the Universal Church. What better way to share, then all around the community on 2 wheels! Every Christian Biker today would have been a Knight on a Horse defending the Faith (as one) Unified (Universal) group back before one man decided to split from the Church.
Unfortunately, absolute unity does not exist as Jesus wanted, but the basic values are shared.
In our communities, the need for help is happening everyday. For some, the weekend might be the only time they have to lend a hand. That's OK! No matter what the cause, no matter how big or how small...if the help we can give is done in the name of Jesus according to his word...I am there! As just one guy, I can be there to help with just a phone call or last minute notice. I can use prayer, money or my body to help, so I look for any need in my community that I can apply the Degree of Charity
Put on your vest and ride my brothers! Find someone or something in Jesus' name.

2018 Mission to Serve

Walk for Life

We had a great Catholic turnout this year!

(Click here for 2013, 2014,2015 deeds in Christ's name..)

Join me to do Charity on a real "street" level! Whether you ride or not! Car is OK!


8 points of the Maltese Cross...Knights of St. John Symbol...
1. Life in truth 2. Have strong faith 3. To be sincere and wholehearted 4. To give proof of humility 5. To love justice 6. To be merciful 7. Endure persecution 8. To repent of sin

Here is the "CUT" (vest) I chose.

See below for cut details...Front left: "nickname" up to you or the brothers close to you that pick your nicknames by vote. That can get fun! Place it on "your" left side, front right side...leave open for position in Ministry eg: "Road Captain."

The "CUT" in action...


I ran with a "true" MC and made an effort to choose colors that would not conflict with other clubs. This may seem minor to a laymen, but colors are the most important part of a motorcycle club. The colors are protected like you would your child. If you have similar color design to a current Motorcycle Club, you will get approached to remove it and change it. The consequences are anywhere from a warning to physical conflict. me with the design I chose. Also, to show unity...the CUT (vest) must be the same in all councils. Only the City and council number will change. No one should attempt to make changes on their own or create their own CUT. The point is nation wide unity! This CUT (vest) will be one aspect of the Knights that will be a common thread between all councils. To go to any City in this nation and see this CUT on our riders will impress and make for a great recruiting tool. Extremely important!!

Have a motorcycle and want to join, or are not yet a Knight or even a me at 951-265-6260 or email me at and let's get you started!! We need great Catholic men that love to ride!

Cut (Vest) details...

Every club out there follow certain rules regarding wearing a are the basics...

1. Choose a cut that is big enough to wear over your winter gear for exposure at all times.

2. Wear the cut every time you ride, no matter how short the ride. Every opportunity to share your Faith and recruit to the Knights should be taken. Wear it to Church. That gives catholic men a chance to approach you to learn about the KofC after mass. Hang out for a few minutes by your bike to give a person a chance to approach you..

3. Never wear the cut while driving a car. Carry it on your lap or next to you. Put it on  after exiting.

4. The "top rocker" KNIGHTS is 13 in wide, 4 in tall. Size according to what your cut will fit. The "bottom rocker", COLUMBUS is 12 in wide, 3 in tall. The "of" is 1 1/2 x 1 3/4. All the  other patches will fit. Your city may be too long, if so, break into 2 parts if you can. 1 7/8'' tall for City left side of cut and Council#...right side of cut. Below "Columbus" is your State

5. ORDER The patches from "PINS and NEEDLES" in Hemet, Ca. Ask for "Joseph Chesla Knights Cut Layout". Their phone is 951-929-3171. You can drop your cut there or order patches to be mailed to you. I can pick them up if you need me to.

6. Never take the cut off at an will be taken as a lesson by other clubs or even as a trophy. Guard it as would a Moto Man of God of the past would his armor.

7. Most of all...remain consistent. This is the basic cut format...not to be changed. It will remain constant all over the KofC councils. Yes, you can add what you wish to the front pockets and what pins or any other symbol or message important.

***Refrain from putting "big scripture" or other items that say "look at me, I am a CHRISTIAN". Make it very subtle or cryptic if you want symbols like that. We want to be known by our Love and Commitment to Jesus, his word, his Church, his teachings and commitment to the KofC. That will show through us, through our actions, not advertised on our cuts.

Last but not least...have your cut blessed by your Priest!


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